Contribution to Standards

University staff of the Institute for Energy Systems wrote the EquiMar protocols for sea testing and continue to lead/assist in the production of IEC test standard TC114 for marine energy devices. With this IES background of expertise, and the leading-edge position of testing up-and-coming new technologies, FloWave is well positioned to become a recognised gateway to progress of both device and project developments.

Furthermore it is anticipated that FloWave’s contributions to standards will be two-fold. Firstly FloWave will seek recognition and certification of the facility’s technical and managerial capabilities to at least UKAS and ISO standards, thereby enabling third-party verification bodies and industry to have confidence in the test results of devices tested at FloWave. Secondly, FloWave staff will contribute directly and through the ongoing work of the University’s Institute for Energy Systems, to IEC test standard TC114 for marine energy devices.

Indeed it is a stated ambition of the Board of FloWave to become the accredited and validated gateway and enabling test centre for both UK and international device and project developers.

Flowave team meeting
Flowave IEC Test Standard TC114 meeting